About Us

The Receive Harmony Team

We are Junes, Tarek and Niki and we have made it our mission to circulate and create awareness about alchemies in Europe. We are interested in the old traditions of our ancestors and on our website, we want to describe them to make them more accessible. Alchemy, Ayurveda, Yoga and Shamanism make our hearts soar and of course we want to share that with you.

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Junes Bakkar

Junes is a 24 years old open minded and warm hearted life lover from Groß-Umstadt, Germany.

He is faszinated by existence itself, which is why he explores the inner realms such as philosophy, spirituality and the many alternative healing and conscioussnes growth methods connected to it, as well as the outer realms of nature, sacred spaces and various cultures by travelling the world. His interest in self-awareness, life transformation and healing made him gather a great deal of knowledge about ancient mystic teachings, astrology, numerology, sound healing, shamanism and he professionally became investigated in the ways of the alchemist, supporting the availability for alchemical wisdom and tools with Receive Harmony. To round things up and be able to give holistic as well as individual recommendations for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, he is now becoming ayurvedic health coach, with more Informations following soon.

He also loves to research about ancient civilisations and expressions of Art. This leads to a strong feeling for rythm and music, which is best expressed on the dancefloor, where he is most activated. This is why you will find him on some amazing Psytrance Festivals, where you will also find a Receive Harmony space very soon!
His daily Rituals consist of Meditation, creative visualization, enjoying the Sun, learning, Yoga, Workout and sometimes even movement and dance at home.

His motivation and invitation is to create a joyful, heartcentered and beautiful life in peace for us all :)

Tarek Bakkar

Tarek is a biologist and marine scientist with focus on ecosystem connectivity. His life mission is to create harmony between external (science) and internal (spirituality) reality (knowledge & wisdom). Tarek is interested in the interconnectivity between nature, society, and self. Further interests are in yoga, meditation, shamanism, alchemy, astrology, quantum mechanics, epigenetics, circulatory processes, and the creation of renewable energies in the oceans based on the natural elements: earth, water, fire, air, and ether. In the last 3 years Tarek was visiting indigenous communities and started filming a documentary on ancestral wisdom and plant medicines. He knows a variety of healers and facilitators of plant medicines in Latin America, mainly in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama and can give personal consulting for people seeking healing or even their life purpose.

Check out his Instagram @tarek0311 and write if you have any questions.

Niklas Sacher

Niklas, 23 years old, has a vision of connecting people. He harnesses the power of alchemy, sound, and art to create a deeper connection among all individuals. Shamanism, astrology, Ayurveda, and alchemy are areas that inspire him and offer new paths for self-exploration, healing, and holistic well-being. Through traveling, he broadens his horizons and experiences the diversity and beauty of the world. Niklas' greatest desire is for humanity to come together again, healing deep-rooted traumas collectively and creating a sustainable future. He strives to shape a world of interconnectedness, healing, and sustainability through the power of art, nature, and spiritual teachings.