What most users who give us enthusiastic feedback say is that they feel lighter, clearer, freer, less burdened. People and the world begin to respond to them in new and unexpectedly positive ways. Fears and destructive habits begin to disappear from their lives. Toxic relationships dissolve. Health improves. New possibilities and doors open up. Intuition increases - clairvoyance, clairaudience, knowledge, wisdom, discernment, powerful insights, epiphanies, major breakthroughs in consciousness. Self-love becomes a high priority in their lives. Material things lose their shine, the spiritual path gains in importance and insights into deeper esotericism become possible. It is also often reported that there is increasing satisfaction.

The rest explains why this is all happening.

To understand the implications, you need to know what we and our alchemy are all about. Our alchemy is about what we are about. The alchemist is alchemy. What we are about is helping people who are searching for human potential, who want to improve themselves, who are on the path to mastery etc. to break free from all programs, influencing patterns and outdated beliefs. Complete freedom from all beliefs is the goal of the most determined and sincere holy people, and enlightenment is not even possible without doing that. .

The subconscious contains 10,000 times more tendencies, subversive personality traits, and causal patterns that drive decisions, perceptions, and therefore choices. What Sigmund Freud called the "it" is a container for much of this information, much of which is tied to archetypal beings and personalities. All of these types of unconscious and subconscious phenomena can actually cause people to make choices that go against their true nature. They can be insurmountable stumbling blocks and pitfalls between you and the kind of success you envision for yourself. They can cause you to choose the wrong partners and friends, to increase addictions of all kinds, to manifest what you don't want, to prevent that new doors and possibilities open up and the list goes on. When you get rid of all these things, you also raise the frequencies, because a lot of it belongs to the lower vibrations that prevent forward movement. .

In order to move into the coming paradigm shifts with more purpose and determination, this stuff has to go, and the only way to describe it in one word is purification. We excel at it like no one else. We're just very good at it. Purification refers to one thing: removal. At your core is a radiant and pure light, a being that is autonomous, has its own purpose, is working powerfully in the world without your knowledge and wants nothing more than to radiate from within you. This is the real you and it wants to become you. What prevents it from glowing is all the human stuff that has grafted onto it, surrounded it and permeated it. To allow this light, this being, to blossom within you and penetrate every fiber and cell, you have to make room for it and making room is the act of purification. So the proverbial bottom line is: how clear is the alchemist? That is the most important question to ask yourself. Because if the alchemist isn't clear, he or she can't clear you. And what is worse, you will take upon yourself and absorb the lack of purity dealt with by the Maker of Ormus or Alchemy itself. .

The fully purified person is the ancient concept of the perfect union of matter and spirit, in which the physical self operates to varying degrees in the spirit of one's meta-self (what some call a higher self, but there are many higher selves). This is a breakthrough in wisdom, power, glory, and it's a lot like saying the less you are, the more of the infinite there is. After all, many of our users don't care or even know about the automatic effects of getting clear. They get it because they are directed to do so, or they have their own agenda and want to use it for magical purposes or ceremonies, or to manifest, or just to raise their frequencies. .

We have somewhere between 10-20 alchemies here which you can check out in the navigation above. We mention this because some have more specific effects. Some are extremely potent substances. I've been doing this for more than 20 years and we are known by most of the conscious as the highest level there is. There is no best Ormus. There is only the highest or purest ormus (or what we prefer to call "alchemy"). The best refers to what is best for the level of the person. .

Important consideration: This is not a race. It's about detoxing yourself in balance. Removing too much too soon can create imbalances. The beauty of our alchemies is that they are intelligent, confident beings who can see what needs to be done and how to do it. The moment you buy her, pay attention because she will start her work. How can that be? Because these beings work independently of time. .