"I must say that I hadn’t taken the time to really reflect upon my experience with Lumin as I have been so busy living its wondrous effects. I purchased this not really knowing what to expect on a tangible level but in this moment I am physical proof that Lumin does what it is purported to do. I now retain much of the energy I allowed others to drain me of. My life has taken some drastic twists since then, but all directing me towards a place of self-preservation, self-acceptance, and self-love. "As someone who was afraid to disappoint others and who would people-please to my detriment, this is a new way of being for me. But in the process I am driven to seek out more and more information to know myself and understand my place and purpose in this existence. It is my quest for knowledge that keeps me grounded as I go through significant change"

K. Williams

"For several Earth years I have been involved with taking various alchemies provided by Jason Davis. Let me confess, once you start it is a “magical journey.” My alchemies have become integrated in my daily life as natural as my morning latte, and they are both deliciously enjoyed. These alchemies connect us to higher dimensional Beings and they provide that “out of the box, specific energetic support” needed for the purposes of “things” we don’t even yet know of on a conscious level. These alchemies truly Annoint, Bless and Heal on multidimensional levels. Nothing short of a Divine Creation. This-is-a-proven-Truth. My collection of alchemies sit on a table in my bedroom. Depending on whatever is in need of shifting, one or more will get my attention. We have a strong, special bond and there is a knowing when they call out to me. Helping me to learn what I need to accept and not resist, to download messages, upgrade my vibration, releasing the programing (now that’s a doozy), to assist with that sacred alignment of my Spirit, My Soul. I usually both ingest and apply it topically. (For those of you who are starting, begin slowly, it could throw you into a detox.) In just these few years, I have noticed an increase with my confidence, a substantial increase with my consciousness, awareness and perceptions. Helping me discover and align with my true Authentic Self. I AM so much more chilled, easier for me to be the observer instead of the reactor. How to be more in-service to others. My life choices/decisions are now much clearer, heart-centered. More dots are connecting and making sense. This has allowed the kind of people, places and experiences that can now come into my existence. The alchemies have greatly enhanced my ability to tap into the gifts, talents and abilities that I have so they can be fully utilised. I purposely sleep in a room that is pretty dark special reasons. Since taking the alchemies, I can see in my auric field my Luminous Body vividly glowing, illuminating all around my physical body as I lay on my bed. Waves of luminous light moving around me, feeling waves of Love surging through me. Sometimes this is so amplified the whole room lights up. I see colors, sometimes I hear my chakra tones, I see sparks of lights. I feel euphoric, it is magical, it is bliss-filled. This is a rather wordy testimony, but for those of you who are new to alchemies, please understand it is a continuous, ever-evolving journey. For me, not a quick fix, instead it cuts through the many layers of my life and all the moments of my existence throughout time, space, dimensions and the spaces in-between the moments. *Give it time to manifest the imprints within your Being. Be prepared for Wonder and Awe.* Whenever Jason announces a new alchemy or a sale on existing ones, if it calls out to me the money always happens to be available. Both Jason and Mary have answered endless questions of mine and offer continuous guidance. I am forever grateful Jason and Mary are so graciously in-service to others and devoted with making these life-changing, beautiful “living” alchemies available to us and endless educational materials. My dear friends, I leave you with two favorite, very important words I learned from Jason, “I ACCEPT!” Namaste to All. "