Ayurvedic health coaching by Junes

My offer as an Ayurvedic Health Coach:

Would you like to lead a healthy, beautiful, happy, and fulfilling life? Our living habits, such as dietary, sleep patterns, and the type and frequency of movement and relaxation, not only determine the quality of our daily lives but also our overall well-being, including successful social and professional interactions.

With Ayurvedic recommendations for the health (Svastha), you'll receive a holistic overview tailored to you individually, guiding how to align your life with your own nature. This aims to build and promote your health and talents while preventing illness to maintain well-being. Additionally, you'll get to know home remedies and other applications for personal use.

I am Junes Sami Bakkar, 25 years old, born in Groß–Umstadt, Germany, and certified Ayurvedic Health Coach since 2023. I am co-founder of Receive Harmony (www.receiveharmony.de) - 2021, a world traveler, DJ, and aspiring filmmaker focusing on spirituality, health and wellbeing, ancient history and mystical teachings like alchemy, shamanism, astrology, numerology, sound healing, and energy work. I offer recommendations for all aspects of life, addressing mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social well-being.

We work together on promoting and maintaining your health, preventing illness through healthy habits, nutrition, home remedies, and living in harmony with seasons, times of the day, life stages, current conditions, and your own nature (Svasthavritta).

Through an initial consultation and constitution assessment (Anamnese), I determine your dosha balance and provide personalized advice based on the atribuyes of the elements: Ether and Air, which form Vata, Fire and Water, which form Pitta, and Earth and Water, which form Kapha.

Balancing the doshas enhances the wellbeing of organ functioning, breathing and digestion and Ayurvedic practices like herbs, spices, rejuvenating tonics (Rasayanas) as well as other measures further strengthen life energy (Prana), the immune system, digestion, metabolism, and overall organ function.

We open the space for spirituality and the harmonious concept of body, mind, and soul, where the body and mind may be affected by illness, while the soul, as the untouched essence, remains free from any ailment. The realization that there is something within all of us, independent of place, time, and situation, that is well, can empower and nourish us, providing reassurance and hope.

Ayurvedic spirituality centers on Parisha and Prakriti—the immaterial and the creative potential from which the entire manifest universe forms, with Mahat as cosmic intelligence. Buddhi emerges from Mahat, representing individual intelligence. Manas, between Buddhi and conscious self, serves the senses. Here lies Ahamkara, which in Ayurvedic teachings represents the self or the 3 mental qualities (Gunas) from which it consists. The individual balance of the 3 Gunas – Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas – is referred to as Manas Prakriti, which, unlike Prakriti (constitution or inherent balance of the 3 Doshas determined at the moment of conception), is changeable. The balance of the three Gunas—Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas—influences mental equilibrium.

Through suitable recommendations for nutrition and behavior, we bring the three mental qualities into balance. We strengthen Sattva, the harmonizing principle leading to clarity, peace, and compassion, of which there cannot be too much.

Rajas, the stirring principle of movement in the mind representing motivation, change, knowledge, and drive, as well as passion, is consciously balanced to avoid excess leading to aggression, resentment, and the like.

Tamas, the principle of stability in the mind associated with steadfastness, a strong will, calmness, grounding, strengh, continuity and equanimity, will be balanced in a particularly high degree to prevent excess leading to unwillingness, aversion, resistance, lazyness, lack of knowledge, lethargy, and immobility. Imbalances and the state of equilibrium are evident in behavior patterns, language expression, and social interactions.

This has a strong connection to Sadvritta, the four ethical goals of life:

1. Acting in accordance with universal principles (Dharma)
2. Fulfilling natural needs (Arthi)
3. Attaining prosperity (Kama)
4. Achieving spiritual freedom (Moksha)

I will delve into all these goals, as well as their meanings, in more detail. All these recommendations, including many others related to oil applications, preparation for the Panchakarma treatment, additional therapies, massages, personal care, meditation, and yoga to establish a connection with your own soul, experience happiness, and feel beautiful both internally and externally, will be provided in our conversations.

Through a sattvic diet and lifestyle, considering professional aspects, mental health with influence on physical health is achievable.

In the initial consultation following our introductory session, we will focus based on your priority and balancing the Vikriti, your current situation, which is alwayd priority. In later sessions, I will provide recommendations, and we will delve into more details, addressing specific issues and concerns.

Other areas I will address include:
  • social environment,
  • clothing,
  • healthy sexuality,
  • promoting healthy sleep,
  • professional aspects, including a healthy lifestyle in the workplace, and consultations for an entire business or society,
  • realizing one's creativity, pursuing hobbies at appropriate times, and discussing relevant topics based on personal interests,
  • practicing mindfulness in thought and expression, learning language and communication techniques that are non-violent, promoting peace, compassion, understanding, and well-being,
  • finding the right balance in all areas to stay in harmony,
  • cleansing procedures (Samana) and balancing methods (Sodhana) as a possible way to go.
  • support with illnesses, especially chronic immune system conditions, but I don't make diagnoses or treatments, as it falls outside the scope of my role as a health coach,
  • beauty inside and out is nurtured through herbal baths, skincare, and hair care, •addressing weight issues and tissue deficiencies by involving unique dietary approaches and suitable physical activities based on constitution.
  • addressing overweight conditions (Kapha excess up to obesity and beyond) and tissue deficiencies through an engaging diet with exotic ingredients and delightful spices, along with constitutionally appropriate foods. Movement and relaxation also play a significant role, with recommendations for different sports or forms of exercise based on individual constitutions, such as Yoga for Vata, athletics for Pitta, or swimming for Kapha

I conduct cooking classes, workshops, and live calls, write blogs, create explanatory videos and am open to collaborations. A 44-minute free introductory call can be scheduled via Calendly to explore potential synergies.

I walso sell Ayurvedic products such as herbs, spices, oils, incense, and useful tools. You can create your Ayurveda set or receive a recommended shopping list.

Other projects and activities of Djubakkar Synergy Creations & Healthy Recommendations:

I look forward to getting to know you and perhaps even providing guidance. Much love!-