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This is a quick-reference guide from Jason, the alchemist, for recommendations on what to get, based upon what you're wanting to accomplish.

Almost everything on this objectives list can be handled by our 4-Step alchemies. The more spiritually advanced objectives, and thus alchemies, are less about material things than they are about growth and extension of self and consciousness into higher realms and contact with information sources on those planes. Manifestation, for example, isn't something someone needs when they've expanded themselves to flow with Universal Mind, having in effect "let desires go." For those of us who function that way, the Universe simply provides. If what you want to accomplish isn't on this list, please contact us and we'll see what we can come up with:
As it is with so many of these objectives, it starts with clearing and purifying (see below). The clearer and purer you are, the greater your access to the causal plane. It really is simple. Take away everything that stands between you and your higher being, and manifestation becomes automatic. Our steps cover the entire process, but you might be drawn to others, so get what you're drawn to.
Clearing & Purifying - Clear your energy fields, subconscious mind, and physical body of all toxins and programs - this is what our entire system does, every alchemy we have, and it's precisely what our expertise absolutely shines in doing. Often, extensive and indiscriminate clearing can be a little unpleasant, like any detox. This is why we have a program that works in steps, so there is as little disruption in your life as possible. Each step goes deeper and clears away what you're ready to clear.
Currents is actually a very powerful and high-level alchemy, but can be used effectively by almost anyone. It gets in there and re-aligns everything that is wonky about your energetic position in the flow of money. Money flows all over, its energy, its influence, and if you want more of it, you might have to re-align certain aspects of yourself in order to tap more fully into those flows.
Clearing work takes care of this, because to change your outer world, you start with your inner world. It's like saying that nothing needs to change other than you, and this is exactly what we're best at. We walk around in a sea of energy. Often, that energy affects and influences us in ways we don't want. Our system is a way to get clear and stop accumulating it.
This is a tricky one. Our processes can clear you of everything that has to go, and once perfectly clear, it can become effortless, but your own thoughts and emotions can pile it back on. Fears create almost insurmountable obstacles, unless you're ready to face them. The long and short of it, is that we can help you get out of your own way, but we can't stop you from getting right back into your own way if you're addicted to drama (and many are, even without consciously knowing it). This is again accomplished through the steps and higher level alchemies.
As you get clearer and purer, there isn't anything that would otherwise repel people from subconscious levels. Many people report how, in often surprisingly short stretches of time, people and the world suddenly start responding to them differently, and often find themselves as powerful attractors. Once again, it's all about clearing, purification, and becoming a wider bandwidth of wonderful energies and codes from above.
Lack of self-confidence, even self-love, is a program imposed upon everyone by the negative programming committee - churches, schools, parents, teachers, TV shows, friends, everything. They just want to beat you down. They don't want your light to shine. You're not good enough, they say. Well screw them! Right? Its root causes can differ, the events that installed it, but it comes down to very similar and easily cleared pockets of lower level vibes. Get going on the clearing and deprogramming!
You have never not walked your path. But how difficult have you made your path? How cluttered is it with the discarded litter of your choices? How painful has it been? Your purpose is to experience this world in the ways you yourself have chosen, but have you explored what you can do with your highest potential? If not, get started on clearing away everything that stands between you and what you could be doing to act out purpose in this world. The steps are a great way to get going on it.
Years ago, when we were testing the power of what we were dealing with, we hooked a 20-year-old young man up to an EEG (electroencephalogram), which measures brainwave activity. One of its readouts is the activity levels known as beta, alpha, theta, delta, and the theoretic gamma. We gave the young man an alchemy I was making 18 years ago, and while he was wide awake and talking to us about sports, his brainwave activity went to theta ranges. What does that mean? It means he was in a deep, eyes closed, theta-level meditative state while being open-eyed and chatty. The doctor who helped us with it couldn't believe what he was seeing. Enough said, except for the alchemies I was making 18 years ago are not in the league they are now, and it's not even close. Everything we have deepens meditative practices, but these are good recommendations.
All of these sorts of abilities are covered over by an insulation of densities that function as barriers between the 3D level of mind and the higher levels. Once again, it's about clearing and purification. The mistake in thinking made most often by seekers is that the access is something which is available to the 5 senses, or the somewhat limited sixth-sense. In other words, they expect voices, visions, whatever, when in fact the feeling sense is the most accurate there is. It's a feeling universe, and much of the higher realms don't operate in a way that can translate as language, or audio or visual information that can be easily understood. A person's own biases can color sentient-like information. The feeling centers are the place where higher messaging and contact are made and translated into our use. Everything we have helps clear away everything that's standing between you and those access conduits. The place to start is with these. If you feel you need something more advanced, get in touch and we'll help sort it out.
This is just another way of saying "get pure." Everything that has to go is what keeps your frequencies down. The true inner you is simply being impeded. Unimpede that you and your frequencies will go through the roof just to make it so you are vibrating closer to its level, thus helping with its merger with you. The steps are the best way to do that, and the below are our no-brainer steps.
This happens to be one of the most misunderstood concepts in all of new-age-ism. When someone says "We're all going to merge with our fifth-dimensional lightbody," they're just passing along a generic myth. The first question should be: Really? Which lightbody? Because we have several that are associated in our composite being. The true you deep inside is a spark of what we call Metaself. It exists within your every atom. As you clear and purify, you are not so much merging with your lightbody, as you are revealing your lightbody, becoming your lightbody that's already there. Again, everything we have does that. The less 3D self there is, the more It there is. Below are starting alchemies, and advanced alchemies. Some people think that having used other ormus products have helped to set them up, but very little out there has done anything of the sort, at least the popular ones. If you've developed your intuitive capacities to the degree you trust them without reservation, just use the main navigation links at the top of this page. Or go with these, listed in order of level.
In our context, we're talking about what happened to Buddha, Jesus, Great Sun, and many other of the Great Sages of historical and modern times, and not awakening. Awakening itself isn't even close, but it's a beginning. Enlightenment is a topic I could write two books about, one that's full of words, and one that has only blank pages. Only one of them would be valid: the one with the blank pages. It's again one of the most misunderstood concepts in all of new-age-ism, and nobody who hasn't experienced it can speak on it with even 1% of useful information or authority. It isn't what anybody who hasn't experienced it thinks it is, and there are very few minds capable of it, even those on higher planes. If you seek it, it will forever elude you, so the first thing you have to do is let all concepts and belief of self go, and you might have a shot at it, and that includes desire. Seeking enlightenment is just another desire, and desire emphasizes the small self; certainly not the large self. Nothing in human life can prepare you for it, because 3D Earth is a false veneer, an illusion, as has been reported by sages for centuries. Nobody can teach you how to reach it, because it is a contract with self, and self alone. The biggest question of all is whether you designed this embodiment to have it achieve you. That's actually the only question that matters. Now that all that's out of the way...without a way to purify, the experience of enlightenment can't find you. So, let it go and get purifying.
IIncreasing the presence of photons in our cells and cellular communications is the act of reprogramming our cells to slow or cease aging. Slowing the expenditure of telomeres always works, and Ruthenium can do that. And everything we have can do this, if used with intent (especially White Powder Gold), but to use one that contains a scientifically proven ingredient to work, use Juva Energy or any combination that speaks to you.
Fear is a compound of chemicals, and nothing more. Two of those chemicals are adrenalin and cortisol. The thing feared is the illusion. You can’t step into this physical world and not be saturated with the fear energy. That would be like diving into a pool and not getting wet. One of the most foundational programs of our earthly existence is fear, but that doesn’t mean you have to agree to it. Even if you came in without fear, your parents, your neighbors, churches, governments, schools, the very atmosphere, are going to try to make sure you plant and cultivate it. People are conditioned to fear, like Pavlov’s dog. The resulting energy, its frequencies, play upon the adrenal glands, producing a fear response without the need for any terrifying stimuli. The trick is to release and cease the absorption of that energy. Use our Steps, and use them with intent to be released from fear, or help you to face it head-on, which is actually the best way to go. It works, and we have a lot of experience in this emotional arena.
It goes without saying that release from fear will help you achieve a result of peace and calm. I speak from experience: peace, calm, and bubbling happiness 100% of the time is an incredible way of being. Getting clear of all the programs is an automatic result in peace and calm, and in that state, lasting joy and happiness also takes over. As for centeredness, that is a higher level way of saying groundedness. The difference is that centeredness takes place on all levels of your composite being, while groundedness takes place in the 3D you only. Again, use our Steps, and then move onto the higher level alchemies, which are all about centeredness in the vast domain of realms above 3D.
The deeper esotericism of the third-eye is known by almost nobody, and it's not written down anywhere, that we know of, anyway. The pineal gland, as an example, is far less about higher sight than it is about getting in and out of the body. This is why people who allegedly decalcify the third-eye don't really experience any differences. True Sight, as it were, is handled by other glands and centers in the brain. The front part of the third-eye overlays multi-density (or what some would call multidimensional) information over your normal vision. It’s not going to see anything radically different than the forms and impressions of 3D, even though it can stretch to 4D and even 5D. There are sight centers located at the back of the brain, what you might call the esoteric third eye, and fourth, and fifth. A 6 month course of Vision will help develop all the necessary brain centers and associated glands. It would also help a lot to utilize our Steps.
Everything we have will open, clear and balance the heart chakra. Why? Because that is where everything starts in higher spiritual work. It's the balance point. Use anything we have with intent for the heart chakra, and it'll work whether ingested, placed topically on the chakra, or used meditatively. Our Steps are a great way to go, but also both Helios Gold and Platinum. Especially our new product, Puratin, helps with clearing and calming the heart.
Everything we have will open, clear and balance the chakras when used with intent. As you drip liquid into your mouth, or eat the powder, or place it on the chakra on your skin, you just tell that alchemy to do the work and it will do it. It will also work if you just drip or rub it into the crown chakra and tell it to do them all.
Under Physical Nutritives in the main navigation above you'll see Tun and Purazyme, and below that, some nanocrystalline elements. Both Chromium and Vanadium will help with balancing and optimizing metabolic processes, and they're becoming better and better known in mainstream circles for those functions. Tun does an amazing job with metabolic processes, as does Purazyme, but when used with either our Chromium and/or Vanadium, the result can be astonishing. The power of Tun is how amazing it makes us feel.
In the end, all anybody wants is to feel great, strong and healthy, and have a clear head. We know new-agers who are 80 years old, and spiritual development is no longer that much of a priority, but great health is. Both Tun and Purazyme are phenomenal products for superior health and wellbeing. Tun is also a sexual energy builder that we've found to be impressive. Add in some super-nutritives as are found in Origin, and you'll find out for yourself how good you can feel.
Enough can never be said about the power of a clear and focused brain and a highly tuned memory. The brain can be severely poisoned, especially by cadmium, which is one of the smallest known poisons on earth and is the cause of so many problems that the list goes on for pages. Check out the Purazyme site to see what we found. Juva Energy, Purazyme, Rhodium, and Iridium would all be excellent for anything related to a tuned brain, but if finances are an issue, work on them in that order:
Everything we have detoxes physical and subtle bodies, so including any of the Steps is a solid choice. Purazyme is one of the best ingestible products available anywhere for isolating, attaching and purging all toxins, especially heavy metals, which is a top priority for everybody on Earth, and not just seekers. It purges heavy metals, poisons, molds, fungi, parasites, and the list goes on. There is much to know and learn about toxification, and there are some excellent resources linked to on the Purazyme page.
What inhibits the balancing of metabolic processes? Toxins, drugs, poor consumption habits, disease processes, too much sugar, not enough protein, too much carbs, and the list goes on. As covered in Fat Loss or Gain above, it's all the same products.
Everything we have does this, but for a more specific upgrade, what we show below will do the job. The reasons these work takes too many things to list here, but it of course has much to do with electromagnetism, tonifying fluids, increasing the presence of photons, and activating instruction sets in the DNA. Currents, White Powder Gold and Psionix do upgrades because of what needs to change to optimize their purpose. Psionix, however, is an extremely advanced alchemy, and so it might make sense to use one or two of the Steps before going to it. Our White Powder Gold can work for every intent on this list if programmed by you through command and visualization.