Our Mission


In the long run, our mission is to promote and introduce fair products to market. For us, fair products mean that producers, consumers, and nature, the medium in which they are located, benefit from them. This means that we do not support the sale of products containing unnecessary chemicals that are harmful to health or nature. Furthermore, we have the vision to generate fair prices for everyone in the producer-consumer chain, to minimize transport routes and, if possible, to dispense with petroleum-based plastic parts (compostable alternatives). Basically, we want to bring products onto the market that correspond to the idea of permaculture design on all levels.
In our initial phase, we specialized in alchemical products such as monoatomic metals or alchemically modified trace elements (organic form) and probiotics. In the long term, however, we want to include many more organic products, which have a high potency to harmonize the body, emotions, mind, and energies. Our basic idea is to return to the state of harmony in which the fundamental factor of evolution is cooperation and not competition. The promotion of physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic harmony should help to dissolve socially determined constructs (family & social programming) and thus to generate a return to one's own thinking, will and action. Ultimately, the goal is to break away from everything that does not belong to the highest self or serves the highest purpose - to develop the true individual and collective potential.
The education about the interconnectivity of all life and the associated chains of causes and effects plays an enormous role, because everything that harms “others” (humans, nature) also harms you (indirectly as well as directly). This becomes clear when we look at our own organism: If our cells fight each other (e.g., in cancer) the body is significantly weakened and can perish because it is in a state of disharmony for a long time. The more the body, emotions, mind, and energies are in balance (harmony), the more difficult it is to destroy the organism. The same is true for our planet in that we are the cells of the whole organism. As long as we fight each other, poison ourselves and nature for profit and live in constant competition with each other, we destroy the next higher organism forms (ecosystems, the earth) as well as ourselves. On this earth, and beyond that in the whole universe, everything is in relation and has a connection to our existence. Each one of us is part of a larger whole and the more beneficial connections are created, the more harmony and progress is generated.

We cannot consider the physical body separately from the air it needs to breathe, the water it needs to drink, the food it eats, and the living space. Without the elements, without nature and without consciousness, nothing can exist. All it takes to create a paradise on earth is a collective change of consciousness in which we realize that we create our own reality every day (individually and collectively) and that with every decision we take we have the possibility to move from separation to cooperation. The connection of science (quantum physics, epigenetics, ancient civilizations) and spirituality can help us enormously to dissolve the old dogmas of the religious institutes and to live in a common reality in which we do not see ourselves as separate from everything that appears different.
It is now time to heal ourselves completely on an energetic, mental, emotional, and physical level. To do this, we need to stop fighting the symptoms (message carriers) and start healing the roots. The goal is harmony on all levels. Alchemy to the purified self (7 phases) is one of the many ways to achieve this and can be catalysed (accelerated/supported) by ingesting alchemical products. Self-realization or the achievement of the highest possible potential is our path, and we would like to share this path with all of you.
With our first products from our alchemist Jason, we want to enable to increase the energetic conductivity of the nervous system, as well as heighten the energyflow, to reach a higher frequenzy and to "upgrade" the immune and hormone system. The aim is to achieve greater clarity of thought, attention, and efficiency, so that the individual can free themselves from limiting beliefs and unleash their full potential.