Monoatomic Platinum (Liquid)

Monoatomic Platinum (Liquid)

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Monoatomic Platinum (Liquid) - supports the processing of sunlight, and it is also assigned a protective function with regard to negative energies. It forms an energetic protective wall so that...
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Monoatomic Platinum (Liquid)

- supports the processing of sunlight, and it is also assigned a protective function with regard to negative energies. It forms an energetic protective wall so that the influence of surrounding energies changes. It consists of alchemically produced monoatomic platinum and structured water.

Ingredients: monatomic Platinum, structured water

Amount: 28ml per bottle


Use 3 to 10 drops once a day. Leave it in your mouth for a while, e.g., under your tongue, and finally swallow what is left over. Add it to a bath, rub it into chakras, or apply it to problem areas on the skin. It can also work wonders with sunburn.

ur alchemist about Platinum:

This is nothing but pure structured water and platinum. It's alchemically made from 99.999% pure platinum in a process quite different than those to make any of the other products here. The platinum has been alchemically modified to be in nanoparticle crystalline form, in what is technically referred to as a monodisperse suspension. It's great for starting on your alchemical path.

This form of platinum, like gold, is to set the tone, establish a foundation, and begin increasing the body's frequencies and qualities of energies, of which there are many. Platinum is sort of this age's gold, and has astonishing health benefits. Many of our users continue using this as a nutritional supplement on an ongoing basis. These also start peeling back the karmic layers and get in there to start dislodging and releasing all that old toxic fact, all these alchemies bring about the release of everything that is no longer needed.

Platinum Liquid harmonizes with: Monoatomic Gold (Liquid), Origin, Lumin

Instructions: Use anywhere between 3 and 10 drops. Let it sit in the mouth for absorption through those membranes, then swallow any that's left. Add it to a bath, rub it into chakras, apply to skin anwywere you want to address a problem. Some users report this being very good for sunburn, and our platinum is known by users to help with the processing of sunlight.

More Platinum Liquid InfO

The Platinum Ray, which we have very effectively embodied into this liquid form, is hugely regenerative at the cellular level for anything that uses air. This regenerative capability begins, of course, on subtle levels of being, especially in what is called the lightbody, of which there are more than one (and "lightself" is actually a better term). All of these monoatomic elements are sources of energy for the lightself, but not all, for example, are as thoroughly regenerative as platinum.

The Platinum Ray itself is increasing in popularity as a New Age buzz-concept, and is searchable, and many results will come up. It's something of an insulator, creating a field around the body that toxic energies would find difficult to penetrate. It's also involved in processing Sunlight as a nutrient, and makes the skin more resistant to burning (yes, you will get a deeper darker tan!).

Platinum, a very shiny metal, works like gold in bringing a shining and confident you to the surface, and also builds an inner strength that equates to your recognition of that true inner beauty. In the same way that a star, like our Sun, has nuclear fuel that is constantly burning from a source within, platinum tends to create this expansive reaction within you, giving you an exuberance, an inner thrill, an energy, that you might not have felt since being a child. Gold and platinum like each other a lot once in the body, in the alchemy of the body in ways we could be years in understanding. For this reason they can be used together.