Psionix - High Level Psi Abilities

Psionix - High Level Psi Abilities

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Psionix - High Level Psi Abilities - supports psionic skills, extra-3D perception, automatic knowledge, and empathy. It could be described as a supplement for the 4th and 5th eyes, which...
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Psionix - High Level Psi Abilities

- supports psionic skills, extra-3D perception, automatic knowledge, and empathy. It could be described as a supplement for the 4th and 5th eyes, which are beyond the 3D-4D level of the 3rd eye.

Ingredients: Gold, Tin, Copper, Zink, minerals of sea salt

Amount: 0,2g per vial


Use a tiny pile on your fingertip depending on what your intuition tells you.

Our alchemist about Psionix:

The method to make Psionix is essentially the method used to make Lightforce, only Psionix is beyond Lightforce and is thus replacing it. This is as high a level of alchemy as there is in the world, at least that can be purchased and shipped. It doesn't mean there won't be higher ones down the road, because I never stop breaking through to higher levels. It's what we would call a "turning point" alchemy, and once used, there is no going back. A very gifted seer we know calls it "one badass alchemy."

PLEASE NOTE: For some, this alchemy could work as a psychedelic, so please be prudent and smart with it. Get to know it before you go out and operate heavy machinery or drive a car. This one is all about psionic capabilities, extra-3D sensing, automatic knowing and empathy, through the development of all the glands and centers of the brain that are associated. It's important to know it cares less about clairaudience and clairvoyance than it does about automatic knowing, since those abilities are not much more than hallucination (in the sense that reality is a hallucination). It's especially involved in the diencephalon group, the pineal and pituitary glands, and the centers in the rear of the brain only deep esoterica is familiar with. You could call them the 4th and 5th eyes, which are beyond the fairly 3D-4D level of the 3rd eye. Read more on Psionix below.


A tiny pile is all that's needed If you were to wet your fingertip and place it on the rim of the vial and gently tip the vial over so the powder gets on your fingertip and what sticks once righting the vial again is a dose. Or, tap a tiny pile into your palm no more than a small pinch of powder and ingest. Imagine a crushed up paper matchhead. That's a big dose. Mix well with saliva. It's recommended to do this before meditation or during a time of deep relaxation (whatever that is for you) for full integration in your body systems.

More Psionix Details

It's rare, precious, and beyond 3D systems of price and valuation. To a person, everybody who sticks close to what we do and has taken all the alchemical steps, this one is considered the most potent ever. Again, it doesn't mean that won't change. Currents, by the way, works well with it, and is also somewhere near its level.

Worthy of mention is that without having used at least Lumin through Phasix, your body and fields might not know what to do with it. You could use it to condition all your layers of self, but that conditioning wouldn't be as efficient as those steps. You're welcome to make the purchase, however, if your intuitive impulse is telling you it could be put to use some way or another right now. Don't get me wrong - you'll know that you've used it right from the start, but to receive its full benefit could be elusive without the conditioning. To make Merlin Power Stones requires first a process involving about 12 steps. Those steps make a gorgeous emerald green liquid from which a dark-colored precipitate is made, what I call the Merlin Powder. Once that precipitate is washed and dried, it's then used in the multiple firing process that makes the Stones. The elemental matrix from which it comes involves tin, gold, zinc, copper, sulfur and salt, although this powder would probably show nothing at all by analysis. Tin is one of the highest and most important alchemical substances there is. It's why it was so prominently featured in the most alchemical movie ever made, The Wizard of Oz. It's also why it was so heavily mined by ancient "visitors" in places like Lake Titicaca in Peru. They used an alchemical species of it to open wormholes. This is in fact why it's a turning point alchemy, but it's not just a turning point alchemy. It's a point-of-no-return alchemy. Why that is will become clear in the coming paragraphs.

I'll first go over what I see it's about, then I'll cover what the superseer got from it. You are a composite of energetic layers. The slowest layer is what we mistakenly refer to as the "physical." There isn't any such thing as physical - it's just energy. This is the type of alchemy that affects ALL your layers, all the way to the godhead. That means higher "yous" also benefit from an alchemy on this level, and those layers will use its "ethereal" properties prodigiously.

Psionix goes right at the chakras, then cleanses, balances and then upgrades them to another level. It stretches into those higher layers, those fields, and makes adjustments that then step down and down to adjustments in the densest and slowest moving energetic layer, 3D. It's a point-of-no-return alchemy because there isn't anything that can stop it from doing what it will do. It's a commitment to your highest path, and it's the beginning of many alchemies to come, some of which I suspect will lead us into more practicable knowledge and wisdom in the superarts, or what I might call spacetime altering abilities. To step up to the level of which we are all capable, we have to become more consistently mindful of what we are, what we're here to do, and the most universally pure "way" of being that and performing our natural functions. We have to be increasingly responsible for the energy we direct, and we have to be open to higher minds in how to direct it. It requires sincerity and nobility of purpose. It would take a focused effort and deliberate misue of mind and energy to discourage its intelligence from doing what it's designed to do. For those reasons, Merlin was calling it Forced Light. For this first mass available product going forward, I decided to call it Psionix.

It might be simpler to say this. If your consciousness reached into layers of perceptual being and began "downflowing" energy and frequencies, you are the one responsible for what is done with that information once here. Psionix makes it so you don't necessarily HAVE to be aware of the intricacies of how that information is qualified and used, but at the same time it will make you more aware, wiser, with regard to those energies so that you can consciousliy participate in the processes. The superseer came back with a highly technical explanation of this substance, which I include below. I asked him to put it in simpler terms, and this is what he came up with: "Simple. In the process of becoming more aware there is a realization of separation that is collapsing. What caused the separation? Why can't the separation be permanently and instantly eliminated? What happens when the separation no longer exists in the future? How can we comprehend our current place in the overall process of being?

"These questions help to see oneself as though moving through a tunnel that is becoming smaller as you move through linear time. The diameter of the tunnel represents the separation one feels from oneself. The tunnel itself represents total awareness moving toward you as it becomes smaller in diameter. Many of us believe that as we move through life we are constantly moving toward being more aware; however, many of us spend our entire lives walking back and forth through this tunnel without ever reaching the end, or maybe just get small glimpses of the end where there is no separation and total awareness resides. What if a light could move you like water in a tunnel? What if that current of light could force you to move to a state of total awareness? Would you enter that tunnel knowing that you could never go back? How addicted are you to the trappings, images and sensations of this holodeck? Are you finding yourself a little jaded about it these days, like "I'm done with this world!" Would you say good-bye to who you are and welcome who you are meant to be? "Forced Light Alchemy (now Psionix) is the entrance to the tunnel. Will you enter knowing you can never go back? Will you enter thinking that you need to force evolution upon yourself? Or will you enter because you are noble, sincere, and ready to be nothing and everything in the service of the All? If so, will you be at the mercy of the light as it carries you? What shall we call you? Alignment, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Total Awareness, Total Clarity."

I'll step in here and mention that Psionix could be impeded by mind-altering substances if such are used with any regularity. The superseer would say you can't use them at all. It's also important to know that if you feel nothing from it, you're not ready, and Psionix itself knows best if you are. It's also true that with certain plant allies, it can greatly enhance the effects.

And now for his technical explanation:

"Inner Core. On the inner core the influx of bright clear light forces its way into the core operations of the chakras. It enters in the transducer space between higher light column frequencies and the mid-range light of core chakra energetics. This forced light injection creates a strong clearing effect through the entire energetic system. It also helps create a furthering of the higher light column frequencies into the mid- and lower-range energetic systems, lower being the meridians. Due to the crystalline orientation of the alchemical forced light it is programmable, giving interesting access to other systems based on similar frequency constructs."

"Outer Fields. Before becoming forced light the bright clear light moves through and lights up many code based outer fields. These fields encompass many of the access controls to reality based experiences and resources. The simplicity of this is to maintain balance so coded multidensity and multidimensional instructions can freely manipuate this code to generate the ever flowing and unfolding linear time based reality you experience; however, once active with the bright clear light, an access is possible with another system based on similar frequency constructs."