Puratin - Ancient Alchemic Powder Elixir

Puratin - Ancient Alchemic Powder Elixir

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Puratin - Ancient Alchemic Powder Elixir - is made from pure tin using the same ancient technique as Sri Yantra. It clears the mind, supports your energy and calms your...
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Puratin - Ancient Alchemic Powder Elixir

- is made from pure tin using the same ancient technique as Sri Yantra. It clears the mind, supports your energy and calms your heartspace. It connects with the the glandular system, so that it helps you to activate the thalamus gland, which are the parts of the brain, responsible for psi abilities and thus opens the door to other dimensions. Tin is one of the most powerful and mysterious metals in alchemy.

Ingredients: Tin powder

Amount: 0,5g per vial


When your intuition says so, tap a small heap in the palm of your hand, focus on your intention and consume it, e.g., by placing it under your tongue.

Our alchemist about Puratin:

Puratin is from pure tin made in the same way the pure Manna, Sri Yantra, is made using gold. It's an ancient process, predating even Ancient Egypt. The geometric structure of the given metal is what brings through its full range of multi-density (as opposed to multidimensional) properties from all the many perceptual frequencies on which it exists.

Maybe you're aware that tin is one of the most mysterious and potent of all alchemical metals, which is why it was metaphorically represented in the form of the Tin Man in one of the most alchemically symbolic movies ever made, The Wizard of Oz. Interestingly, the Tin Man's heart was his issue, and this alchemy has much to do with the heart, hidden chambers, the chakra, upgrades to the resonances, and the list will go on as our users discover all it can do on their own and report back to us.

It has a fantastic quieting and calming effect, especially in and around the heart, and is a great mental clarifier and energy promoter. Brain tissue and the diencephalon glands, which are the four thalamic glands, are energized by Puratin Powder, and like a lot of what I make, the glands associated with reality gatekeeping are also modified to "allow in" more of the invisible - to our senses - information that exists in both our timeline, and those of higher and even lower frequencies.

What not many people know in deeply esoteric ways is that the pineal gland is less associated with psi abilities than it is with being the door in and out of the body for, as an example, out-of-body travel. Psi abilities are more about the thalamic glands mentioned above, and a center in the brain towards the lower rear, which is what we call the true third-eye, and fourth, and fifth. The thalamus gland, in fact, was symbolized by Ancient Egyptians as the Sacred Scarab, and the many layers of symbolism and deeper meaning went far into mass psychological gestalts and remote sensing. Perhaps significantly, the main thalamus sits almost right on top of the brain stem, or "reptilian limbic." Like Psionix, Puratin works in these psi-expanding areas.

Puratin also has a surprising and potent cleansing property. It works as an internal exfoliant in all systems. The best analogy is to picture dead skin cells that require exfoliation. Puratin does that for dead and dormant cells of all varieties, meaning of tissues, nervous system, organs, bone, etc. It attracts those dead and/or dormant cells like a feather duster does with static electricity, then moves them out. In this function, Puratin works beautifully with our Vasindux PEMF System. In ancient times, tin was used by Earth "visitors" who mined, as an example, Lake Titicaca in Peru for it, and they used it to open wormholes for their crafts. Along those lines, it has those kinds of effects on the glands mentioned above.

For a good summary digest on the health benefits, please see this article.

For comprehensive information on the esoteric and alchemical properties of tin, please see this article. Most of what is written in this one ring true for me.


When your intuition indicates, tap a small pile into your palm and eat it. If you're using it for wellness, to resolve personal issues, smooth your path, whatever your personal goal, just tell the pile what you want. And remember, it won't help you win the lottery, but it WILL help you with what actionable steps you need to reach your goals. If you don't quite yet have the intuitive faculty, a good rule of thumb is to use it every third day, and from the beginning, ask it to help you develop a more intimate relationship with its mind, which will lead to greater intuitive function and, especially, learning to trust your intuition.