Purazyme - Probiotic & Detoxifier

Purazyme - Probiotic & Detoxifier

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Purazyme - Probiotic & Detoxifier - is a potent probiotic and detoxifier, especially from heavy metals. It helps the body in cleansing heavy metals, toxins, molds, fungi, parasites and much...
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Purazyme - Probiotic & Detoxifier

- is a potent probiotic and detoxifier, especially from heavy metals. It helps the body in cleansing heavy metals, toxins, molds, fungi, parasites and much more. Purazyme is a live culture which contains a composite of micro-organisms (aerobic, facultative, and anaerobic), enzymes, amino acids, algae, and polysaccharides that are non- pathogenic, non toxic, and non irritating. It is 100% natural and environmentally friendly. A few drops a day from this bottle will last for at least two months.

Ingredients: Purified and structured water, proprietary lactic acid cultures, organic honey, organic molasses, mineral powder, sea salt, organic apple juice, 12 probiotic strains

Amount: 110ml per bottle


Use 1 to 3 full pipette tips 1 to 3 times a day.

Our Alchemist about Purazyme:

The psychobiotic revolution is seeing a groundswell in wellness and human potential movements. What it's doing is discovering, and educating the public on, the gut/brain connection, and how the flora and parasitic presences in our digestive tracts, which then spread to systemic, are responsible for many conditions, many of which being related to psychological well-being. Good reading is The Psychobiotic Revolution.

Heavy metals detox could be the single most important next step for everyone who wants to extend their consciousness beyond this body. Below, we have links to articles on our project website, The Superbeings, discussing at length how the planned heavy metals poisoning was utilized to great and necessary effect, but which is time to move beyond. There's also a wealth of information in More Purazyme & Detox Info below. Cadmium, for example, is one of the most prominent. It's in pretty much everything on the planet, and it functions as an insulator of subtle and multi-density energies (or, less accurately, multidimensional). So, no matter how much great alchemy you use, it's effectiveness for expanding your consciousness into the higher spheres is being dampened by cadmium (and others).

Detailed Purazyme & Detox Info

Make no mistake, this is powerful alchemy, so don't think for even a second that it's not a potent ingredient in your process to higher "spiritual" levels. With respect to the purely physical element of higher and higher states, it's indispensable. And believe it or not, your physical self is absolutely the most important element to becoming a higher level being.

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is at this time to get free of all Earth's built-in poisons, parasitic influences, molds, etc. Yes, they've always been an important part of the Earth human experience, entwind with the need for struggle, overcoming, difficulty, suffering, but now it's time for them to go. It's actually the next step, and if you don't take it, you could face some serious problems as we move deeper into the higher energy zone in galactic space. Any organism with obsolete densities is going to struggle mightily.

What we found out is that we are all far more toxified than we ourselves had previsouly known, and we already had a pretty good idea of how deep the poisons and pollutants ran in this Earth system. A big reason for that is that people like us (meaning also you) process significantly more than our per capita fair share of toxins, both physical and subtle, in the world, for both the people and the planet. It's one of the top reasons so many seekers (what we call volunteers/wanderers on The Superbeings website) are so frequently imbalanced and unwell.

Once we started to pursue effective heavy metals detoxification, more and more information began crossing our path. One such piece of information has to do with Purazyme. What we wanted to do more than anything was to find a consumable that could effectively "reduce" heavy metals and purge them from the body. The reason we were investigating this so vigorously is because we realize not everyone can afford a Premier IonCleanse footbath (more on that in this article), which is far and away the most effective way to detoxify heavy metals. If there is a clear winner in the second-best method, it's Purazyme. For me, it accelerated the purge of the heavy metals from about 60% toxification to 10% over the course of 6 weeks, bearing in mind I was also using the IonCleanse footbath.

How Purazyme works is similar to the way streams from old mining sites are cleaned and reclaimed. Polymer compounds are used to "reduce" the metals from subtle, flowing, and nanoparticle forms, such as colloidal. They drop out and become harmless elemental metals in those streams. They're used in reclamation projects all over the world. Purazyme functions in a similar way within the human microbiome of all systems and tissues. It brings literally everything that must go together into larger particulate form, then purges 90% of it through the skin. The other 10% is purged through normal elimination means. Obviously, it helps to work up a sweat some way or another as frequently as possible, and hot baths work wonders.

Our system of detox works, especially on heavy metals. I'm an alchemist. I was more poisoned than most. Over an 8 month period, I went from extremely poisoned to 90% clear, and I'm now about 98% clear of eveyrthing. Getting clear of heavy metals, which actually help hold in other toxins, can take 3-5 years with dogged discipline of both sticking with protocols and not taking in more of the metals in everyday living. Cadmium is the major problem. Not even mercury and aluminum are as harmful in normal toxification quantities. Our superseer, in talking to our galactic level partners, said detoxifying cadmium was like chipping away at marble with a butter knife.

For the purposes of the expansion of consciousness, it helps to have a lighter "physical" body, which is to say a higher quotient of photonic communication. Our alchemies are designed for exactly this, and they help in wholesale purgation of toxins on all levels, including emotional, thought, astral connections, old contracts, etc. Because our alchemies are so effective at "lightening" the physical body, moving it more towards a type of "etheric" condition, the toxins are far more easily released. This adds to the efficiency of our suggested processes. We say this because the below table will make more sense.

To give an idea what we're dealing with, we'll give a rough outline on detox durations. Keep in mind that these times assume you are NOT taking in more of the toxins, or at least very little. Also, these are obviously very approximate, as everybody's bodies function differently. Those who have used much of our alchemy can reduce the detox duration by 60%. So, the below table could also be expressed as 3 times faster, or 2 times faster, etc.

Standard herbal and chelation methods alone: 3-5 years Purazyme alone: 2-3 years IonCleanse alone: 1.5-2 years IonCleanse & Purazyme: 1-1.5 years Our Method: I did it in 8 months, and as an alchemist I was likely significantly more poisoned than you are Something to note is that many of the foods we eat are contaminated by pesticides and these are massive interrupters of the endocrine and systems of elimination in the body. Did you know that the bacteria in your gut are responsible for the synthesis of over 90% of the serotonin in your body? So if you're eating conventional produce sprayed with toxic herbicide/insecticide/fungicide cocktails, you are definitely disrupting the endocrine system. And if you suffer from depression, insomnia, IBS, adrenal exhaustion, diabetes (Types 1 and 2), thyroid issues, etc; then you may indeed have an endocrine disorder. The enzymes also help break down mycotoxins and neurotoxins in the body, which is incredible as these substances are nearly impossible to get rid of and can usually only be effectively removed with binders like clay or activated charcoal over long periods of time, years and even decades.

By using Purazyme you can break down these cumulative poisons and help support the overall health of the endrocrine system. The enzymes are fantastic for helping restore a compromised microbiome and improving digestion. For those that have irregularity you may notice an improvement in BM function whether you are too regular or not enough, due to the helpful microbes. As an anecdotal admission, Mary (our operations manager) was dealing with under rib pain which she suspected was H Pylori or some type of ongoing gut imabalance and causing her periodic ulcer pain. That has, incredibly, stopped. To be fair, she's also been doing the Premier IonCleanse footbath for nearly as long as I have, but it's notable that her gut function is improving in a short amount of time. Her hair is also fuller and healthier, which she thinks is related to endocrine cleansing and balancing.

Our superseer once commented that Purazyme is one of the most important products in the world. That was crazy to hear. Enough of our yammering. Just get it.