Shimmer - Source of Happiness And So Much More

Shimmer - Source of Happiness And So Much More

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Shimmer - Source of Happiness And So Much More - is the platinum pedant to Sri Yantra, as they are both made using the same ancient technique (platinum vs. gold)....
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Shimmer - Source of Happiness And So Much More

- is the platinum pedant to Sri Yantra, as they are both made using the same ancient technique (platinum vs. gold). Shimmer represents the highest level of alchemical monoatomic platinum. It serves to increase the frequency with the aim of inner bliss.

14ml per bottle

Ingredients: Exotic High Spin Platinum and Magnesium in purified water


Use 3 to 10 drops whenever it calls you. Leave it in your mouth for a while, e.g., under your tongue, and finally swallow what is left or rub it on your chakras.

Our alchemist about Shimmer:

First things first. For those on the alchemical path with us, some for 20 years, and have used everything critical up to this point, this is your next level alchemy. Shimmer is made from platinum, utilizing the same ancient and almost completely unknown technique used for Sri Yantra. Whenever platinum enters the conversation, "next level" is always present in that conversation.

Shimmer's primary purpose is to raise the frequencies of your composite being, meaning all your bodies and in some instances even higher selves, and to clear any deep and stubborn stuff that is left to clear. Clearing stuff is the same thing as raising your frequencies. Its secondary purpose is happiness. Its third purpose is to afford you an opportunity that wouldn't be presented without this alchemy. We'll get into this last part below.

Let's talk about the happiness part. What is happiness to a 3D human? Well, it can't be argued that happiness is the result of the flow of a chemical. That chemical can't flow without certain conditions being present. Those conditions are tied to one's freedom from everything that stands between themselves and happiness. Those barriers are virtually always "luggage" that have to go.


Use 3-10 drops anytime you feel you should. You can also add it to a bath, use it on objects like talismans or crystals (to boost or maintain an intent), or rub a few drops into your chakras.

But now let's ask what happiness is to a star, or a galaxy? Is it a chemical? Is it a natural state from the excitations of electrical nuclear fusion? The truth is that happiness in human terms is just a polarity, no less a lie than reality itself, and no more valid than whatever its opposite is thought to be. A perfectly clear human, one free of all baggage, preferences, opinions, of the trappings of the Great Lie itself, isn't feeling happiness so much as he or she is experiencing being the perfect flow of local self with All Self. Huge and powerful feelings, yes, and way beyhond the chemical that makes humans experience happiness. This is how stars interpret their place in Creation.

Happiness above the level of Earth human experience is just another way of saying Cosmic Wisdom, but happiness in strictly 3D terms will precede the more expanded states. If supreme happiness is the highest level you've designed for yourself in this embodiment, then you've knocked the ball right out of the part, but it's also the kind of happiness that is a springboard from which to leap into the higher levels of these more primordial frequencies.

This brings us to the third purpose, keeping in mind that there is really no order of priority for Shimmer's purposes. It's about opportunity. Its presence took me to understandings of MUCH bigger picture ideas, concepts, knowledge and wisdom than I was equipped to know was even possible with 3D human "gear." Even enlightened, I'm still blown away almost every day by what there is to know and learn, and just how, more than ever, nothing is as it seems or appears to be on the surface. To do that, I had to consciously cross a threshold. I had to make a conscious decision (realizing most decisions are made on unconscious levels) and be willing to walk towards something I'd always held to be "wrong" in some obscure file of my index of preferences. Had I known what I was walking into, I might not have done it. Thus, walking into the unknown remains critical to the Power of Surrender. If you haven't yet looked into the Power of Surrender, perhaps it's time.

Likewise will you be presented with an opportunity, and whatever form it takes in any aspect of your life should NOT be presuemd. Our superseer says that it will present itself only once, and if you don't seize on it, it won't be presented again. Not seizing on it won't translate to you knowing anything different in your life, but seizing upon it most certainly will - you will undoubtedly register the change. The "apparency" of this opportunity might be subtle, and it might be in your face, but if you're dedicated to living a conscious life, it most certainly should be noticed.

Please don't lapse into the hardcoded human habit of expectation on this one. This one is about flow. Flow flow flow. I suspect that whatever opportunity is presented, it will most likely have to do with becoming a more natural participant in Universal Flow, and expectation is one of the pitfalls of the human experience that keeps people from tearing through to deeper and higher knowledge and wisdom.