Sri Yantra Set - How to use Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra Set - How to use Sri Yantra

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How to Use Sri Yantra Gel and White Powder Gold Here you can get the Sri Yantra Gel together with the White Powder Gold. This set is the Yin and...
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How to Use Sri Yantra Gel and White Powder Gold

Here you can get the Sri Yantra Gel together with the White Powder Gold.

This set is the Yin and Yang of the True Ancient Manna and should be used in combination to harmonize the masculine and feminine energies.

The creator and alchemist of this combination Jason explains the usage of Sri Yantra:

This stuff is far more than white powder gold. It's the Sri Yantra. Look up anything with respect to it, and it would be a description of this stuff. It's ridiculously powerful. The wet gel is the one that is to be utilized by the esoteric superpower known as your stomach. 70% of the immune system is in there, the entire healthy or unhealthy viome, and all the microbes that actually guide your thoughts and emotions. If you don't believe that, read "The Psychobiotic Revolution." Where your stomach goes, your body and, more importantly, your brain go.

Digestion is the purest and most efficient means of getting the photonic powerhouse of this ancient alchemy into your every cell. It's a high pH, 9.5 - 9.8, but there are alkaline waters in convenience stores out there that are that high. The difference is you'll detect the salt content. Salt is good. It reduces the surface tension of cell walls and helps distribute the good stuff through the digestive process. When you're ready, and on an 8-hour empty stomach, generate some saliva in your mouth, squeeze 1-3 droppers onto the back of your tongue and swallow it with the saliva. Your in-built reaction chamber, your stomach, will generate heat. Any alkaline and acid coming together automatically generates heat. It's normal. That reaction is the magic. It's your body's chemistry melding with this high substance, which will then take over and begin doing everything in your physiology that needs doing.

We suggest you use it no more than every 3 or so days. Three days is enough for it to work out whatever it needs to for that "round." Then put it back to work. Most importantly, for when and how much, USE YOUR INTUITION! If you don't do that, you won't develop it, and this stuff is wanting nothing more than to help you develop it, along with every other extra-3D sense. If you decide you don't like the taste or whatever, you can add a dose to a swallow of water, stir and drink it. It will reduce its effectiveness, but do what you must.

As for the dry powder, a dose is as little of a pile as you can manage to put into your palm. You could also just open the cap, wet your fingertip and shake a little onto it. Whatever sticks, or coats it, is a dose. One, two or three of those would be plenty. Use it whenever you want or are called to. Again, your intuition should be your sole guide.

The gel can also be used topically, for any purpose. You can also add a few drops to a bath. You can also just sit with it, or place the bottle on your chakras one at a time. For meditation, rub a little into your third eye. Get creative. Use your imagination. Use this stuff! Be the author of your own potential! This material is also involved in an important and hugely impactful global project, which can be accomplished through you. But only by your agreement. If you're not aware of what that project is, and you're interested in knowing about it, shoot us an email:

This material has a mind of its own, and it knows what to do. It will get into you and go to work on physical things that need cleaning, fixing, upgrading, etc. It will do it in the order that is necessary, and it will do it with a wholistic and balanced approach. The physical is the operative term here. These bodies are marvels of engineering, especially etheric, and we haven't even smudged the surface of their potential. What can be done with these instruments starts with the physical, not the so-called spiritual. It's like saying that all the deepest secrets of spirituality are unlocked from within.

Having noted that, it's also important to know that if you're in a hurry, or you're not pretty clear, you could hit rough patches. The more cluttered your body and subtle fields with toxic crud, beliefs and programming, the more you have to clear and let go, the rougher this will be. It won't be much more than detox symptoms, but there could be some emotional experiences, as well. It could be a rollercoaster ride, but that's to be expected when you're in the process of revising your entire being repeatedly. This is why we have all the other preparatory alchemies. Origin, Lumin and IPhaz all do the step-by-step clearing work, if you feel it might be a way to go with more ease. They do a great job of clearing and purging, in time and in balance, to prepare the "initiate" for this stuff. This stuff will do it, but you have to be mindful, responsible, and understand the power you're handling. It's the generative force, the nucleus. It's the stuff that creates stars, and it can be done with 1 grain of it.

Lastly, almost nobody is aware how toxified they are. Cadmium, as an example, is in virtually everything on the planet, including newborn babies. It's an insulator of higher energetics and is a poison that tricks the body into thinking it's zinc. Detoxing from heavy metals is HUGELY important in getting to higher states. Our product, Purazyme, does that, and well, and it and Sri Yantra work together to accelerate that process. There's a lot of good info on the Purazyme page. This isn't a race, and don't use too much of it. We disavow any responsibility for those who can't be responsible. Understand that this could take months. What you will be on the other side of that will amaze you.