Sri Yantra - The True Ancient Manna

Sri Yantra - The True Ancient Manna

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Sri Yantra - The True Ancient Manna - is made using a special ancient process and is highly concentrated monoatomic gold. Monoatomic gold is attributed to the increase in conductivity...
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Sri Yantra - The True Ancient Manna

- is made using a special ancient process and is highly concentrated monoatomic gold. Monoatomic gold is attributed to the increase in conductivity between the exchange of information between cells, as well as the harmonization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It has been produced alchemically since the ancient civilizations and was consumed to support the formation of the "light body". Sri Yantra contains monoatomic gold, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, manganese, and sodium.

Ingredients: monoatomic gold, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium, manganese, sodium.

Amount: 1/2 ounce (14ml) per bottle


Use 3 drops not more often than about every 3 days. It should be used on an 8-plus-hour empty stomach, for its maximum effect.

Our alchemist about Sri Yantra Gel:

Please read this entire page so that you know what you're getting yourself into. This material is the most powerful physically healing and transformative material I've ever made, by orders of magnitude. There is much more going on than we can report on this page, so please, if you're interested in knowing about that, shoot us an email to It involves an important global project.

TIP - HEAVY METALS: All breakthroughs into contact with higher information will be limited by the presence of heavy metals in your body. The perfection of the physical vessel can't be discussed without including heavy metals (and all other toxins) detoxification. Purazyme is a powerful detoxifier, and handles that part of your raising to ever higher states.


The wet gel is of a high pH, by design - 8.4, and is left in a mildly salty state, which helps with cellular absorption. You'll see why if you watch the video linked below. It shouldn't be used any more frequently than about every 3 or so days. For the greatest effect, it should be used on an 8-plus hour empty stomach. The chemical makeup of the stomach after at least 8 hours is the ideal environment. We haven't yet tried it on a 3-plus day fast, but it seems it could be astouding. Of the two forms, the gel-like wet version is the higher priority. You should get both, but if finances are an issue, just get the wet for now. The dry version is just the wet version with most of the salt removed and the pH closer to balanced, around 8 or so. Even though it might seem they're very close, they're not. Removing most of the salt and drying at 400 degrees changes the dry stuff entirely. In a very real way, the dry is for the subtle bodies and selves, the wet for the physical self, you. Together, they create the conditions to bring the above and the below together, in a merger, and this is the magic that does it. The dry version is now our White Powder Gold, because it's a more efficient way to create it, and it's more powerful besides.



This video of a presentation by David Hudson at an Enota conference explains very well what we have here. Ironically, I was invited to speak at that conference, but it didn't work out that way.

How to use Sri Yantra (link)

I have created the substance used by the Egyptian Pharaohs and Hebrews. It's from pure gold, and nothing else but the acids and bases to make it. Why Sri Yantra? Because it is the creative principle at the foundation, the singularity, of Creation Itself. This stuff was known as the sperm of the gods, the elixir of the gods, and the food of the gods. It's a gel-like substance that is literally the Egyptian and Hebrew Manna, only on a higher level of frequency to match the frequency of modern times. It's dry form is the modern equivalent of the cone-shaped shewbread you see in ancient art and iconography. The technique to make it is very specific, and if other producers aren't using that technique, they don't have it. It is a very specific substance - nothing general or generic or "ormic" about it.

Having both is the best way to go, because the wet form focuses on the marvels of the physical body, while the dry form helps widen the conduit between higher selves and the physical layer of your composite being. The perfection of the human mechanism is its purpose, and there is no end or ceiling to that perfection. You could use this the rest of your life and it will never NOT be a superfood in constant perfection mode, conceivably unto become pure light, if that is your path. The wet substance is alkaline, around a pH of 9.5. It's very salty, and needs to be. In fact, we're leaving all the highest level alchemies at least a little salty now because it helps so much with cellular absorption. In addition, salt's crystalline structure is cubic, and the cube represents our world because it takes three coordinate points to describe a location, meaning 3D: 1) front-back, 2) side-to-side, 3) up-down. Within every salt "cube" is the etheric tesseract cube, which serves as a point through which etheric information gains access to the so-called physical. As has been known forever, salt is one of the main pillars of all alchemical traditions.

When the few drops consumed hit the acids in the stomach, it turns YOU into the alchemical vessel, creating a powerful chemical reaction. The human body is a marvel of esoteric engineering, and the deepest alchemical secrets in history are all locked up within it. This is the stuff to unlock its full potential. The first thing it does is repair the gut, meaning the stomach. Every process or organ involved in the stomach's chemistry is also quickly addressed, if necessary. Then it will go to work on everything to do with digestion. Then on all other visceral organs and the heart. Then it will go to work on the endocrine before beginning the upgrade to your nervous system. The order isn't fixed, however, because the order of fixing is determined by each person. The gut is everything, because these materials have to be digested to be absorbed by body systems through each's cells. It then creates an environment where literally everything you consume is optimized for supernutritive absorption. It's so intelligent, once in the body it makes a list of everyting that needs fixing, and it orchestrates the entire domino-effect effort from the alchemical vessel of the gut.

It was called What Is It? (or What, then, is it?) by the Egyptian temple priests and royal and court classes because they actually didn't know what it was. It wasn't made by the temple priests. Nobody knew who made it, in fact, but we the alchemists who've always worked behind the scenes, showed up disguised as beggars when we delivered it to them. We didn't trust couriers, so we did it ourselves. It only becomes something known once it's in your body, because it is your chemistry that decides what it is, and what it will do, and most importantly, what needs to be done.