Sri Yantra White Powder Gold

Sri Yantra White Powder Gold

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Sri Yantra White Powder Gold - is made using a special ancient process and is highly concentrated monoatomic gold. Monoatomic gold is attributed to the increase in conductivity between the...
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Category: Advanced Alchemy

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Sri Yantra White Powder Gold

- is made using a special ancient process and is highly concentrated monoatomic gold. Monoatomic gold is attributed to the increase in conductivity between the exchange of information between cells, as well as the harmonization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. It has been produced alchemically since the ancient civilizations and was consumed to support the formation of the "light body". It consists of pure, highly concentrated monoatomic gold.

Ingredients: highly concentrated monoatomic gold

Amount: 0,2g per vial


Find your way! Usually, a small pile on your fingertip is enough. If you use it with the Sri Yantra Gel, be creative e.g., with periodic cycles.

Our alchemist about White Powder Gold:

PLEASE NOTE - We now have the True Egyptian Manna - During this global pause, the secrets of the Egyptian and Hebrew Manna came through. We now have it, and it comes from pure gold and the acids and bases to make it, but it's on a whole different level.

The higher priority substance is the gel-like substance discussed in this David Hudson video and available on this page. It's dry form is the modern equivalent of the cone-shaped shewbread you see in ancient art and iconography. The technique to make it is very specific, and if the technique isn't being used, this stuff isn't being made. It is a very specific substance - nothing general or generic or "ormic" about it. Before making your purchase from this page, you should look into Sri Yantra.

TIP - HEAVY METALS: All breakthroughs into contact with higher information will be limited by the presence of heavy metals in your body. The perfection of the physical vessel can't be discussed without including heavy metals (and all other toxins) detoxification. Purazyme is a powerful detoxifier, and handles that part of your raising to ever higher states.

This is an extremely advanced substance and should be handled with great responsibility. It's just stunning, so light and fine it almost floats out of the bottle. To bring it into being is a deep honor, and thrilling. It's hard to make it, but worth it. It will light up your cells, your mitochondira, your DNA, and connect you to higher things. It will take your nervous system to a level not available to anyone who doesn't use something like this. It might take your conscious mind a while to catch up with what other layers of you are tapping into, but the journey is more than worth it.

How to use White Powder Gold

Maybe the strongest aspect of this white powder gold is how good it is at manifestation. It is a blank slate connected to higher realms, where your intent is imprinted on the causal. Whether you use it that way, it will automatically raise your frequency and clear you of everything that needs to go. It will bring into your life what Metaself (our term for higher selves) wants you to have, so long as you stay out of its way and let it come into your life. If whatever you intend is in alignment with your true path and purpose, nothing can stop it from happening. It's just a matter of time. It also lends itself very well to those who understand energy and know how to use it in any traditional shamanic, or magi, sense. It is way up there in frequency, and does have presence in multiple densities and domains (multidimensional isn't an accurate term).

To give you an idea of how much a gram actually is, it would make ten vials that would last ten people 2 months or longer, if used correctly. More is almost never better where potent alchemy is concerned. It may seem expensive at 49€ a tenth gram, but it's a bargain at that price, because subtances like this are without price or systems of valuation. If you want more than a tenth, just increase the quantity or get a gram.

You should also check out Psionix. It's extremely high-level stuff, astounding, a game-changer, and is a little easier to make. One of our superseers calls it "one badass alchemy."