27 Spiritual Alchemy Ideas – Path To Self-Realization (2023)

27 Spiritual Alchemy Ideas – Path To Self-Realization (2023)

This is quick to read article about spiritual alchemy and the 7 alchemical stages, put together in 27 bit-size pieces. We recommend this to anyone new on the spiritual path or who wishes to deepen his knowledge and understanding as a guide to wisdom.


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The concept of spiritual alchemy is extremely powerful, but can also be made very complicated.

Below, I have broken this self-help concept into 27 bite-sized ideas, so you can quickly understand its most important aspects.

In my role as a life coach, I’m often turning complicated psychological concepts into simple ideas. This makes them easier to execute on.

My hope is this simplified guide can inspire you to begin your own path of spiritual alchemy.

So, let’s dive in.

1. What Is Spiritual Alchemy?

Spiritual alchemy is the procedure of transforming and purifying your soul to
discover your true self. A key part of this process is stripping away the parts
of your personality that prevent you from seeing your true self, including
your ego, limiting beliefs and rationalisations.

2. Many People Associate Alchemy With The Physical Transformation Of Metals

There are a lot of similarities between physical alchemy and spiritual
alchemy. Indeed, purification with the stripping away of unnecessary
components is involved with both.

3. It Is Believed Spiritual Alchemy Came Before Physical Alchemy

Physical alchemy is an ancient practice. You might even call it an art. The
knowledge surrounding it has only grown over time and it plays a huge role
in several important industries today.
Still, it is widely believed that without learning the spiritual principles of
alchemy, there would be no way for any person to understand its physical

4. Alchemy Involves Hard Work

It can be argued that we are constantly evolving spiritually.
However, just as with physical metals, it’s also true that we are very set in
our ways for the most part. It takes tremendous effort on the part of the
alchemist to create lasting change.

5. Spiritual Alchemy Is Our Destiny

In many spiritual texts, it is claimed that the growth of our soul is a key journey we need to take as a human here on Earth.
To not learn and grow is to do a disservice to the universe and the reason why God put us here.

6. Spiritual Alchemy Is Turning Lead Into Gold

The most commonly-cited example of physical alchemy is the
transformation of lead into gold. This is a great metaphor to describe
spiritual alchemy.
We are removing the impurities of our ‘lead’ personality to create something
far more precious and valuable.

7. Spiritual Alchemy Helps You Discover Who You Really Are At The Core

Purification is the removal of contaminants. In spiritual alchemy, we are
removing the negative beliefs that have contaminated your soul to reveal
the true self. This creates an accurate answer to the question of “who am I?”

8. You Are Born Pure

According to the theory of spiritual alchemy, we are born with pure souls
that connect only to love. This will explain why babies don’t have insecurities
or limiting beliefs. Unfortunately, as we grow older we are exposed to
contaminants, which cause the growth of an ego, self-doubt, trauma and
harmful emotions.

9. Alchemy Involves The Removal Of ‘Fixed’ Elements

Physical alchemy involves the liberation of certain elements from its fixed
physical properties. Spiritual alchemy is similar. In our minds, these unhelpful
contaminants of the soul are fixed parts of us that we can’t change. That’s
why the process can be so difficult.

10. What Are The 7 Stages Of Alchemy?

It takes several intensive steps to remove the impurities from gold, just as it
does from the soul. In fact, the 7 stages of spiritual alchemy are all stages
involved in physical alchemy.

These are:


  • Stage 1. Calcination
  • Stage 2. Dissolution
  • Stage 3. Separation
  • Stage 4. Conjunction
  • Stage 5. Fermentation
  • Stage 6. Distillation
  • Stage 7. Coagulation

11. Spiritual Alchemy Begins With Your Thoughts

Alchemy is always beginning with your thoughts. Our thoughts shape our
self-perception. Our thoughts shape our reality. Our thoughts shape what
the universe brings us. By changing our thoughts, we can change
everything in the universe.

This isn’t always easy. That’s why spiritual alchemy is often assisted by a
therapist, life coach, spiritual healer or a similar professional.

Taking action will also be key, because that’s how we confirm what is true in
this world.

12. Calcination Is The Process Of Burning Unnecessary Parts

Many of these unnecessary contaminants have been mentioned. Social
conditioning. Trauma. Ego. Insecurities. Fear.
To eliminate these, we must acknowledge them, face them and challenge
This not only involves opening our minds, but also taking action to see if our
contaminants are a fixed part of who we are or not

13. Dissolution Is The Most Painful Part Of The Process

Dissolution is the washing away of the burnt and unnecessary parts. In
spiritual alchemy, it’s the stage where you face the negative parts of your
personality. There’s nothing left to mask them with. It takes great strength to
admit that these exist within you, but it’s the first step to healing them.

14. There Are Plenty Of Questions That Can Assist The Process

The dissolution stage, once you’ve gained awareness and burned the masks
you hide behind, is a good time to ask yourself these questions.

What areas of your life do you feel unequipped to handle? What areas do
you doubt you can change? Are there important circumstances you’re
avoiding? Where is fear holding you back

These questions will reveal more about your true self and assist the
transformational process.

15. Separation Is Where You Understand The Truth From Lies

The separation stage is where you can see what reality is based on truth, and
what is based on your emotional experience? What is based on your social
conditioning? The contaminants and the real ‘you’ are now separated and
you can begin to tell the difference.

16. Conjunction Is Where You Let Your New Self Simmer

In physical alchemy, it’s important to give your creation time to simmer. It’s
the same in spiritual alchemy.

To truly process your inner transformation, you need time to stew and
observe as new thoughts, feelings and emotions bubble up into your
conscious awareness.

Journaling and meditation are highly recommended activities that’ll aid your
inner growth during this time.

17. Fermentation Is The Breaking Down Of The Old And Welcoming Of The New

In order to truly break down the old self, the alchemist must experience life
from his new lens. In many cases, he will see examples of his new wisdom and
emotional clarity benefitting him. This stage represents a new beginning.

18. Distillation Involves Further Purification

This is perhaps the longest stage of spiritual alchemy – and it involves a lot of

The process of spiritual alchemy should encourage people to start chasing
what they really want to do in life.

But this journey is full of lessons and stumbling blocks. Thankfully, these,
lessons strengthen the spirit and aid the purification of the soul even

Indeed, it could be argued that this purification is a process that only ends
with death of the human body.

19. Coagulation Is Enlightenment

Coagulation is the procedure of making yourself whole again. It could be
argued that this is always an ongoing process, but this is the ultimate goal in
physical alchemy, and it is certainly believed to be possible in spiritual
alchemy too.

20. Spiritual Alchemy Will Encourage You To FulFil Your True Purpose

Without all the impurities distracting you from what you really want to do,
you’ll feel free to discover and pursue your purpose in life.

21. Spiritual Alchemy Will Inspire You To ‘Be Yourself’

Once you’ve addressed what’s really ‘you’ and what’s a product of social
conditioning, you’ll hopefully feel inspired to throw away the fakeness and
embrace who you truly are.

22. Spiritual Alchemy Is Truly Painful

Imagine the pain of passing a kidney stone or having your appendix removed.
With spiritual alchemy, you’re removing something which has been part of
you. Even if it’s unhelpful, the removal process is incredibly painful. Still, the
short-term pain will bring long-term peace.

23. Spiritual Alchemy Usually Needs A Catalyst

It’s only when the pain of staying the same outweighs the potential pain of
changing that people will truly embrace the idea of transforming themselves.
This usually requires a traumatic life-event or some sort of ‘rock bottom’
moment. Until then, most people won’t be brave or open-minded enough to
try it.

24. Our Ego Is Incredibly Persuasive

Ego death is a key part of spiritual alchemy.

Our ego is our self-perception. Our idea of who we are. It would rather be
correct about who you are and what the world is like than for you to be truly
happy. It’ll do anything to keep you from proving it wrong.

The ego often represents itself as the voice in your head telling you can’t
achieve something or that you’re ‘too good’ to try. Expect it to pipe up
throughout the various stages of spiritual alchemy (although you’ll become
far better at ignoring it as time goes on).

25. Doubt Is A Key Part Of Alchemy

There was a time when people deemed it impossible to turn another metal
into gold. So, of course, it’s likely you’ll believe it’s impossible to transform
who you are. That’s human nature. But, seeing is believing.

Once you see evidence of other alchemists – and eventually the success of
your own inner transformation – you’ll feel more empowered to continue
your inner work.

26. Challenging Your Thoughts Is Key

If you can consistently challenge what you believe to be true, you are taking
part in a small daily transformation of the soul and spirit.

Those who have gone through the 7 stages of spiritual alchemy will become
far better at separating their personal beliefs from reality

27. Spiritual Alchemy Will End Your Suffering

Spiritual alchemy will make you a stronger, happier, more self-confident
person. One of the most famous quotes about it is from Deepak Chopra.

He said: “Alchemy is enlightenment. The secrets of alchemy exist to
transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of
enlightenment and bliss.”

I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Any Questions?

I hope you enjoyed my short list of important ideas surrounding the art of

If you’d like to share your feelings or ask any questions about the 7 stages of
spiritual alchemy, feel free to do so in the comments section.

If you’d like to share the story of your own emotional healing and inner
liberation, feel free to leave a comment about it!

I try to reply to every person who reaches out.

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